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oh, nice hands! chest bump. ugh! good job, man. nice! okay, halftime. now, this is my favorite play. oh! i'm wide open. oh, fumble. fumble. don't want to fumble any of these. [ male announcer ] share what you love, with who you love. kellogg's frosted flakes. it's up... and it's good! good?! they're grrreat! paul ryan was campaigning in florida today. the vice presidential hopeful attended a rally earlier arguing president obama missed his chance to get the economy back on track. >> when he came in, he came in with one party rule. president obama and his party
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controlled everything. the obama economic agenda did not fail because it was stopped, it failed because it was passed. >> today we also learned who congressman ryan's debate practice partner will be. there he is. ted olson. former solicitor general under president george w. bush. he will be playing the role of joe biden in mock debates. congressman ryan and vice president biden will face off just one time three weeks from now. meanwhile, the obama campaign is out with a new ad today. it's a response to governor romney who has been asking americans if they are better off now than they were four years ago. >> here's where we are today. 30 months of private sector job growth. creating 4.6 million new jobs. we're not there yet, but the real question is whose plan is better for you. the president's plan asks millionaires to pay a little more, to help invest in a strong middle class.
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>> we'll have more on these stories coming up. president obama not on the campaign trail, but he has a busy week ahead of him. and you can read a lot into his eye continue rather. a trip to new york city and then a set of whirlwind stops through ohio, florida, virginia before hitting milwaukee at the end of the week. the first time he's going to wisconsin this election cycle. joining me now, dough sdchlt ominico. he enjoys the occasion al beer, but milwaukee, really? >> maybe, maybe not. it's not just for the beer. milwaukee is an area that president obama has to run up the score to win. with picking paul ryan, it
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really shouldn't be all that surprising that wisconsin would be close. we've had it in the toss up column the entire time. it was the closest state of the 2004 presidential election just 0.38 percentage points separated john kerry and george w. bush. >> but then 14 points separated president obama and john mccain four years later. what's happened? >> the same 2008. and it looks a whole lot more like 2004. it could be a base election, slightly lower turnout than 2008. we've seen undecided voters say maybe they won't go to the polls. >> the stops next would he be also speaking volumes about money. anytime either one of them goes to this morning or california, it's always for cash.anytime ei to this morning or california, it's always for cash. what do these stops tell us about the camps and how they'll be spending their money? >> well, of course which is wednesday we talked about. new york and california, huge places to raise wednesday we talked about.
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new york and california, huge places to raise money. colorado. but i want to point your attention to something. we have now crossed the $600 million mark for tv ads spent based on buys that were made yesterday. and now we have the obama campaign and romney campaigns duking it out. and when you factor in the outside groups, team romney as we like to call it, outspending team obama $318 million to $287 million. and news directors in three states in particular will be very happy. in florida, ohio and virginia, more than half of all the money spent so far just in those three states with more than $327 million. president obama's team outspending mitt romney's team, no surprise he's also up in the polls. >> there are a lot of people in florida, ohio and virginia who can't wait for this election to be over so they can watch tv and not be subjected to those ads.
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that is an eye popping figure. thank you, sir. and with the president on that upcoming whirlwind tour we talked about, mitt romney is being pressed for details about his foreign policy stance and given the unrest and instability overseas, the call for concrete answers is getting louder. for more on this, let's bring in politics editor glenn. you've followed mitt romney since he was governor. at least a couple decades. you don't look that old, but i understand you might be. it feels like there's a real lack of information from his camp on the international front. friday's "new york times"s, just as things are blowing up in egypt and libya, his team finally giving details on what he would do differently overseas. why wait until now to do this? >> well, domestic policy has been the cornerstone of his
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campaign the entire time. job creation has been his number one. and then the real world intervene. and what happens has upended the political campaign here in the united states. and i think it's very likely that soon here you'll see mitt romney come out and layout in his own terms what he would do on a foreign policy front. >> you frng we'll get a major foreign policied a yen today? >> very soon. he he left to his aides in the "new york times" to flush out what he would do, how he would handle syria, how he would draw a red line with iran. what he would do with egypt. but now it will be time for the principal himself to make these comments. >> john mccain is on the stump for romney in ohio come monday. he was pressed on this issue yesterday.
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take a listen. >> i have recommended to governor romney that he gives a foreign policy speech that talks about not only the middle east, but in the world. >> and we just heard from glenn he expects that address will come. senator mccain suggesting that it come soon. what does he need to say in that address? >> well, and if glenn says it's going to happen, i trust it. glenn is the expert here. whether he give as big address or not, he'll have to talk about foreign policy. if not beforehand, then at least at the end of october when there's a foreign policy debate. but i suspect given the events of the last week, we'll hear him talking about it more and certainly the middle east and the arab spring is an area where he did not get into it in great detail when he took his trip to europe, he certainly could if he chose to, if he gave a major foreign policy address. he could also do a walk around the globe. we've seen president obama do this before where literally look at hot spots, look at what he would do, how he would treat asia differently, how he would
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treat europe differently, russia and middle east. so he has a number of options of what he could do. he hasn't wanted to do this of course as glenn said because the economy is what people care about most. even in times when the economy is not quite such an important subject, people say they care about it more than foreign policy which usually ranks towards the bottom of people's most important list. but given all that we've seen over the last week, and given the couple of moments where he seemed to contradict his advisers, i would suspect they want to get that hammered out. >> it's the budget, as well. paul ryan's own reluctant to give details on that front are a bit surprising considering he's a guy that is known in a lot of circles for his wonkiness when it comes to numbers crunching. why have him on the ticket if he's not going to give any details on their big spending plan? >> he brings credibility among
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republican audiences. so people don't have to doubt whether will he has a plan for trying to address the budget deficit and national debt. but in the presidential campaign especially as the number two person on the ticket, not the paul ryan at the top of the ryan budget plan, he has to subordinate what his specifics are for what the romney team wants to put out there and to get into overdetail about his budget plan and let the democrats pick it apart right in you any more than they already have works against mitt romney's broader interests. >> is it that the devil's in the details for the romney/ryan ticket? >> glenn is absolutely right. anybody who is expecting paul ryan to be named to the ticket and suddenly start going out talking about the individual line items that were in the ryan budget has obviously been disappointed. and there are differences between the ryan budget and what mitt romney says he would do as president that paul ryan simply won't get into. they are the challengers. they have a little more leeway
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to not say specifically what they would do as much as voters would like them to. their main goal has been to criticize president obama, to say that they would do things differently and focus on the things that they want for focus on. >> don't go far, we are going to come back to both of you a little bit later in the hour. get you a glass of water. and one of the key battle grounds another battle has been raging, a fight over strict voter i.d. laws enacted there. it's pennsylvania. it reached the state's highest court this week. we'll dig into the very latest in the ballot battle thin pennsylvania. the capital one cash rewards card gives you a 50% annual bonus. and everyone, but her... likes 50% more cash. but, i have an idea. do you want a princess dress? yes how about some cupcakes? yes lollipop? yes! do you want an etch a sketch? yes!
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the battle over voter identification is now focused on a courthouse in pennsylvania. state supreme court justices must does whether to enforce a law requiring voters to carry photo i.d. to have their say at the ballot box. critics say it's nothing but an attempt by mainly republicans to block the principles of democracy. pennsylvania is just one of many state where is this fight is brewing only weeks before the election. with me now, ron allen who has been covering this story in depth for some time now. for those who do not know the battle story, give to us in a nutshell. >> pennsylvania has that new law, you have to have one of a handful of types of voter i.d. to vote. a driver's license, passport. there are estimates that that could cause problems for up to 800,000 voters who don't have a picture i.d. and the democrats claim it's an attempt to give the state to mitt romney and republicans say
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it's all about protecting the in-telling gr in-ttegrity of the ballot. >> let's start there, integrity at the ballot box. >> there's no evidence of fraud in pennsylvania or any other state. especially people showing up to vote as somebody else, impersonation at the ballot. but supporters of the law say that's not the issue. they claim there is widespread fraud in registration and this will clean up the rolls they say. but all this is laced with heavy politics and heavy symbolism because you have civil rights activists claiming that this harkens back to lit and he is tests that were designed to keep minorities and others voting and this is another example of that. and it's not just voter i.d. laws. there have been efforts to curtail early voting. attempts to change the rules for voter trenlg straregistration. and when you put it together, many say it's an attempt to change the rules of the game, for give republicans an advantage particularly in swing
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states like pennsylvania, ohio, florida and elsewhere. >> pa we're talking pennsylvania here. there are 31.' i.d. laws. how does pennsylvania compare? >> you have to have a photo i.d. in many, you can use a utility bill, a birth certificate as i.d. pennsylvania and a handful of other state, you need a picture i.d. what's more, in pennsylvania, if you don't have a picture i.d., you'll get a provisional ballot and the ballot will be counted only if you hand in a photo i.d. somewhere down the line. but at the end of the day that's what the opponents of the law are objecting to, they say that it will disproportionately affect minorities, elderly, students. in the case of student, the law says you need a college i.d. that has a specific expiration at a time. you'd be surprised at the number of schools that don't do that and of course in pennsylvania and elsewhere, students voted
1:17 pm
heavily for president obama. >> any inclination how they might go? >> three are democrats, three are republican, one can't vote because she's been charged with corruption. so it's likely to be a tie and frankly the law is likely to stand. protests are likely to continue right up to election day. >> appreciate all your work on these stories. want to bring in kathy cohen, founder of the black youth project. kathy, good afternoon to you. i know that you just released a study with some staggering numbers. 700,000 i understand young minority voters could be left out of this november's election because of voter i.d. laws. how big of an impact is that? >> i think it's incredibly significant. it's significant for two in particular reasons. one is just the number. if you think about 8 million
1:18 pm
young people of color voting in 2008 and 700,000, i mean, and that's a conservative estimate, 700,000 young people of color being denieded t the right to v in 2012, these are staggering numbers. but it's also i think staggering because what it means for our democracy. since 2004, we've seen an increase in the number of young people of color who have gone to the polls to vote, significantly among african-americans and latinos. and now in 2012, we see people really restricting the franchise like we've seen in the past. and it's very disheartening. >> i've said this before. whatever your politics, you would think that most folks who care about this country would want to gets a many people to the polls as possible. whatever your politics. which groups are hurt most by this besides young people? >> well, i think clearly again i want to emphasize young people, but young people of color. young people of color who for example may be more mobile and, therefore, less likely to have
1:19 pm
the standard photo i.d. state issued i.d. that in fact will be required. we know that the elderly will also be impacted by these laws. we know that individuals with less income who are also more mobile will be less likely to kind of present the type of state issued i.d. and so we're really going to see kind much the demobilization of some of our most vulnerable and marginal citizens on election day. >> this is the question that a lot of folks ask who support these types of laws. why is it as to hard for someone under the age of 30 especially to get a photo i.d.? >> sure. well, i think that's one question. why is it so hard. but the other question is why do we even have these laws. so let's answer the first question. it may not seem hard for those of us who get on airplanes all the time who use credit cards and have to show a photo i.d., but not everyone lives their life in that way. so we're not saying in fact that you have to kind of take
1:20 pm
airplanes to be able to vote. we're saying that this is a guaranteed right. for young people who might have for example a driver's license, it might not an valid driver's license. it might not have their accurate information with regards to their address. young people also are quite possibly. and so they might have their address from two apartments ago. so it's also the fact that many young people, there was a recent study from circle that suggested that 44% of young people have no idea about if they need a photo i.d. or not. so it's not just that they don't have it, many of them don't even know if they do need one. and if they're going to be able to kind of get one in time to vote. >> kathy cohen, thank you so much for the insight and thanks no t for the work that you're doing with the black jooyouth project. earlier why the show we mentioned snooki. she's involved in this thing. what's the connection? we'll tell you about it after
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. who knew it? mitt romney is a snooki fan. mitt and ann romney taped an interview with kelly ripa and michael strahan that will air on tuesday. strahan asked romney who he prefer, honey boo-boo or snooki. and he said i'm kind of a snooki fan. she's energetic and just her spark plug personality is fun. i think mitt romney may have just sealed his fate in new jersey. he has no chance of winning the garden state now. another major revolution from the interview, ann romney says that she accidentally walked in on president george w. bush getting a massage at the white house. don't worry, ann says w. was covered up with a towel, but she says that she was extremely embarrassed. when she ran mr. to him later in the day, he winged and sa eed o
1:25 pm
i look pretty good, don't any. >> and sales of bruce spring teen s steen's single has soared and the new york "post" is reporting that monica lewinsky shopping a top secret book project, the post says that lewinsky has been making the rounds with major publishers who were asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement to even tape the meetings. and finally, many people will vote with their heart on election day. here's a way to do it with your stomach. interesting the dough-bama and mitt yum-ney donuts. it plans to post the winning results of the donuts, of course, on its website. switching gears now, al qaeda calling for more attacks on u.s. embassies. meanwhile demonstrators across
1:26 pm
the middle east continue to protest that anti-muslim film. we'll talk to a woman who has lived in the region and try to answer the question we've all been asking, why do they seem to hate us so much. we're back in three minutes. copd makes it hard to breathe, but with advair, i'm breathing better. so now i can be in the scene. advair is clinically proven to help significantly improve lung function. unlike most copd medications, advair contains both an anti-inflammatory and a long-acting bronchodilator working together to help improve your lung function all day. advair won't replace fast-acting inhalers for sudden symptoms and should not be used more than twice a day. people with copd taking advair may have a higher chance of pneumonia. advair may increase your risk of osteoporosis and some eye problems. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking advair.
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with a degree in the field of counseling or psychology from capella university, you'll have the knowledge to make a difference in the lives of others. let's get started at here's a quick look at some of the top stories. anti-u.s. protests have spread to upwards of 20 countries across middle east and beyond, even as far away accis sydney, australia. meanwhile teachers in chicago rallied today in support of their week long strike. negotiators expect to seal a deal sometime for him. if they are successful, that means 350,000 students could be back in class monday morning. >> and the first man it walk on the moon has been laid to rest at sea. neil armstrong's remains were buried in the atlantic ocean
1:30 pm
friday. he died last month at the age of 82. demonstrators have taken across the middle east to denounce the film mocking their religion. the united states has been a key supporter of the pro democracy movement, the so-called arab spring. so why do some the middle east seem quick to show anger and hatred toward american interests? it's a simple question with a complex answer. let's bring in an msnbc contribu contributor, born in israel. good afternoon. spoke to you a couple days ago. good to have you back. to us, it seems a bit farfetched that a movie could spark what we have seen play out on the streets in libya and egypt and a host of other countries right now. is there more to it than just
1:31 pm
the movie? >> of course. the people that are using this movie and here there are elements of al qaeda, extreme right wing islamists, uses this as a protest and they're feeding actual the narrative, the west especially america is in war with islam. and that's not a recent narrativ narrative. the war in afghanistan, the musk in new york city, all these episodes were used by these groups to show that arab population that actually america is in war with islam. when they say there's no palestinians, that clip played in the arab world over and over and over. and i was this lebanon and when
1:32 pm
i was talking to the people trying to make them understand that the u.s. actually assumed them, they were telling me that they are even denying that -- >> so we're losings information war in that part of the world. >> we're not losing the information -- look. it's a long process. the fact that they had the overthrown dictatorship doesn't mean that tomorrow you will have free societies and democracy. >> because you know that's what a lot of folks here thought. >> it that's a mistake. it's a mistake even to dream of that. the arab spring is like tiger in a cage. now it's released and will never go back and will feed only with beef. nobody will ride it. the point is we have to understand that that narrative have to be diverse and have to be with fact respect not by violence. and i think part of that violence have to be all the arab
1:33 pm
muslim, people that live in the west that prosper and thrive have to show how the west actually accepted them. gave them opportunities. >> in a tell mtelemundo intervi president obama saying egypt is not our ally and not our enemy. how will all of this affect u.s./egypt relations? i don't think too much. morsi still have to understand that he's the president of the nation, he's not the man of the party. he's not the man that needed to hide his memberses of the party because they were clandestine under mubarak. egypt was a country that five american presidents assumed the dictatorship. so all the people that are today in the street were raised under that tyrant and they didn't have a full grasp of what merchandise mean, what liberties. and that you can actually make a
1:34 pm
movie and make fun of someone. they still don't understand that because for long century, they had a dictator that controlled their smiles. that if you would say that mubarak is sick, you would be thrown in jail for seven, eight years and your family member killed. >> freedom of expression and freedom of speech are new concepts. >> they will learn it, but we need to build citizens, not armies. >> thank you so much to your insight. hope you come back. >> thank you. mitt romney is spending the day at his massachusetts home. he might be need the rest after this past week. romney criticized by kms even some republicans, as well, for miss early comments in the aftermath on the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya and protests that popped up. nbc news campaign derrick hague has been traveling with the candidate for months now. he joins me now from newton, massachusettss on a saturday. thank you so much for hanging
1:35 pm
out with us. >> my pleasure. >> the candidate is at home. is he actually taking a day off? >> this a about as close to a day off as he can get. he spent half the afternoon watching one of his grandkids at a soccer game. but i can tell you aides tell me you'll all be doing all his reading urks just a tiny bit of preparation for the debates in terms of studying up, making phone call, sort of private personal meetings of that nature. but beyond that, this is about as close to a down day as it gets. >> you've been traveling with the campaign for some time. there was talk that there's been a bit of a change this governor romney's campaign style, his demeanor, perhaps he's more animated is what i read, more enthusiastic. are those things that you're seeing, as well? >> it seems like they're field testing a couple different things. maybe not so much the style, but the message they've been playing
1:36 pm
with in the last couple to inj more god, more social conservative in. and then just within the last weeks as events will turn to foreign policy, to try to get a handle on that, to talk about the importance of american strength. he's only doing about one campaign event a day, so he's more rested, a little more energetic, but it's that tinkering with the message that's been so interesting to watch. >> has the campaign itself been fairly nimble? we've seen some events unfold that have rished pretty quick responses. one of those responses not necessarily received well. what have you seen in terms of that? >> i think you're referring to the incident in libya and i can tell you we were traveling tuesday on september 11th. the entire campaign sent most of the day on a plane. when it became clear that this was something that governor romney would need to respond, to the campaign sort of whipped an
1:37 pm
event up out of nowhere, pulling together a press conference in a matter of hours for the following more than to give him a chance to respond. >> garrett, one of the hardest working people in this business. appreciate you. take care of yourself. >> thanks. governor romney off to colorado tomorrow. president obama off the campaign trail this weekend for insight into the strategies driving both the romney and obama campaigns in light of the turmoil in the mideast, i want to bring in the brain trust for the afternoon. we have dubbed you the brain trust. no pressure here. ari, glenn and ann. thanks to all of you. we'll get to politics, but i want to talk with something ari
1:38 pm
wrote. i want to make sure i ghuure i headline. why youtube is wrong to sensor the anti-islam video. it's done in just two countries. why is it wrong? >> it's wrong because youtube has policies in place to determine when to take things down like hate speefch. they determine heed this didn't meet their standard and thus they're in the removing it here, they're only removing it in places where they're worried about the violence. i'm sorry, this is a tough question, but violence in response to religious speech and free speech is not new. and so they run the risk even for good intentions, they run the risk here as i wrote of actually in a perverse way rewarding some of the people perpetrating violence. >> how so? >> well, because the message they're sending is if you don't riot, you're fine in these other countries. but in egypt or the places that are trying to test out what
1:39 pm
civil society and debate means, they're saying we'll pull it down just for you. why should egypt get a different amount of free speech than any other country? >> so this could be a teachable moment of sorts. >> i think it's a big teachable moment about practices. obviously there will be bad things happening and a security reaction to that on the ground. but those of us in the business of free speech and journalism, they better act like a publisher. >> glenn, let me get your take on that, first of all being before i move on to the next topic. do you agree with that? >> i don't really know. that's above my pay grade. let kneeme take a political way of that. to me it was a video made to incite violence, is inciting violence. so if there is a way to tamp it down, it seems like a logical thing to do. >> should they take it down in the u.s., too?
1:40 pm
>> obviously you can get on the internet anywhere, so i don't understand why it can be seen in one country and not in another. it just seems like there's a definite link between this video and now the death of a u.s. ambassador and other personnel. and so the question is does it need to be up right now if that's the reaction it's causing. >> i've been told we have on have commercials here, so i'll take a quick break and on the other side, we'll pick things up. stephen colbert calling it truth aniness. we'll take a look at honesty in politics. and the race for the white house, is either campaign telling the truth.
1:41 pm
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we're working to fuel america for generations to come. today, our commitment to the gulf, and to america, has never been stronger. new polling gets to an issue behind the day to day campaign headlines. the basic question of honesty. the "washington post" found that while 49% of voters think the obama campaign is saying things it believes to be true, a full
1:44 pm
42% think the campaign is intentionally misleading people. and for the romney campaign, the numbers are flipped. 43% think the campaign is saying thing it is believes to be true, 48% says that it's intentionally misleading people. back with me now, the brain trust. ari, glenn and ann. that last segment, we'll let you pick it up on twitter or facebook. ann, i'll start with you because it was a "washington post" survey. do you think that voters are more cynical than ever? is it actually worse this presidential cycle or are we taking much ado of nothing? >> i don't have all the data going back decades at my fingertips, but it sure feels like every four years it gets a little worse. that's obviously what president obama hoped to change. quite frankly, it's something the candidates have been trying
1:45 pm
to change since former president george bush ran against former president -- sorry, picked up the campaign after president clinton left office. honesty is something they all strive for, but many states are in-unskated with in-dated wi inundated with ads that leave out important information and are run by who knows who. so people are cynical as much this year as any. >> and you raise an interesting point. i imagine there's a direct correlation between the amount of money we've seen spent on ads and some of these poll numbers. glenn, the "washington post" asked a related question. and it's relateded to honesty. who would make a more loyal friend? an odd question, with ybut they it. 50% picking the president, 36% said mitt romney.
1:46 pm
that's quite the gap. is that just a reflection of the likability numberses? >> sure. it's a familiarity. everybody in the country knows the president. mitt romney's name recognition is approaching the same universality of that, but this is the who would you rather have a beer question with and i remember ann and i covered george w. bush and it was him in 2000 over al gore. and him in 2004 sorover john ke. so the guy who didn't drink beer was the guy they wanted to have a beer with because they had a sense that he was more a regular person. i don't know that president obama exactly meets the same criteria as president bush, but people know him better and feel like he's more personable than mitt romney. >> romney was asked on his take on the upcoming debates. he basically predicted that the president wouldn't tell the truth. take a listen. >> well, i think he's going to
1:47 pm
say a lot of things that aren't accurate. and i'd be tempted to go back to that wonderful line by ronald reagan, there you go again. i think the challenge that i'll have in the debate is that the president tends to, how shall i say it, say things that aren't true. >> is that the only challenge that mitt romney will have in those debates? >> i thought that was a remarkable line. i'm glad you spotlighted it. this is classic rovian projection. you take your weakness and you immediately preemptively project it on the other candidate. and it sometimes confuses the recent. we talked earlier about your problems that the obama administration has had on transparency, but there is no doubt when you look at the factual record of these two campaigns that its n is not clo. the mitt romney campaign has repeatedly lied on fundamental issue including in the spot lift t light of the national conventions. if you look it at the fact checking, several material
1:48 pm
falsehoods. so the press has to get clearly in their face about it. mitt romney is taking a gamble. he's saying he'll keep lying and see how it plays. >> and speaking to the debates here, we were talking about this a short time ago on this broadcast. the president is a charming by. he's a likeable guy. people want to have a beer with him. people apparently want to be his friend, as well. how how much of an uphill climb whether this be for mitt romney? >> well, probably the bar is set pretty high for romney going in. but, you know, expectations are now so low for romney that i think if he can just simply be affable, he will have met them. whereas president obama, we've pumped up the likability factor for him so much that if he gets defensive, which he has the capability of doing, we could be watching one of the debates and saying the rows are reversed. if you look at both of them in their past debate, they've both had moments that were a little off or where they seemed
1:49 pm
peevish. they both really don't like being challenged very much. so i think their advisers as they're doing the debate prep are telling them when to take a deep breath. i suspect the people playing each of them for each other are trying to get up in their face to get under their skin because that is a weakness that they share. >> we're talking ad nauseum about the presidential debate. i for one can't wait to see the biden/ryan debate. don't go anywhere. coming up next, tomorrow today. we'll give folks a sneak peek of what you should know for tomorrow. you are of course watching msnbc, the place for politics. fr hat should we invest in? maybe new buildings? what about updated equipment? they can help, but recent research shows... ...nothing transforms schools like investing in advanced teacher education. let's build a strong foundation.
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. now for our sneak peek. back with me now, the brain trust trust.
1:53 pm
ari, glenn and ann. let's start with the sunday talk shows. what should we be looking for? >> i think you want to look for any subtle or help from the prime minister to mitt romney's campaign. there were already signs of that when there was word out of jerusalem that the netanyahu administration wanted to meet with president obama and that the president didn't want to have that happen. and then there was this hour long phone call that president obama made back to israel in the middle of the night to try and get on the same page with prime minister netanyahu. so the question that comes up for me is netanyahu injected himself into the domestic presidential race here in the u.s. >> that would seem to be quite the risk for netanyahu. >> i agree. and i agree with what glenn says. bibi is playing a careful line. he had a dramatic interaction
1:54 pm
with president obama. the last time he was seen to be lecturing the president obama in the full view of the press pool. it played big in israel and here and a lot of people didn't like it. earlier he gave a big bra ddram speech. the prime minister has to be careful because just as we saw last week in our own libyan politics, people tonigdon't lik. >> and president obama added a new campaign stol stop, he'll be in wisconsin next week. a state he won by 14 points in 2008. how concerned about wisconsin should the obama campaign be? >> the romney campaign has made a lot of these stops. typically democrats better hope they have wisconsin this hand or they have bigger problems nationally. with paul ryan on the ticket, it's not a surprise. he's played up his hometown roots quite a fair amount. so i don't think it's much skin off the white house back to send the president there, make sure they're doing okay. that state has been the focus of
1:55 pm
a lot of political attention and frankly a lot of political tumult over the last year. so i think they want to do what they can't to make sure it's safe. >> one of perhaps three or four legitimately purple states in this country. glenn, before i let you out of here, any parting thoughts? >> i just think that will is a big week for the romney campaign. the pressure has been on the obama campaign in the last few days to how they respond to the whole situation overseas. if they want to regain the momentum and try to set the agenda going forward, it's up to them to do so. >> and we should note here that mitt romney and his campaign will start to receive those intel againligence briefings th week. do you think after he receives those we might hear some of the rhetoric shift at all, some of it change? >> i think it's possible. i think the sad part about what
1:56 pm
happened last week even putting the politics to the side is is that mitt romney got out ahead of himself in a way that could have an adverse affect on u.s.dy low massey. so it would be good for everyone if he didn't do that again and he put his policy operation first, put the political operation second. >> and what will we be talking about monday morning? >> i suspect we'll -- well, whatever's on the sunday shows. but i suspect we'll turn back to the economy, the statewide polling. unless things overseas get dramatically worse which hopefully they won't. >> all right. thank you so much for spending so much time with us here on this saturday. and thanks to you at home, as well. we had so much fun, we're going to do it again tomorrow. we will be back here at 3:00 right after "meet the press." again, that's 3:00 eastern time. we'll take that mug off the
1:57 pm
screen,s as well. not sure where they got that picture from. my apologies to you. have a great saturday evening, folks.
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